Condolence & Memory Journal

Well Easter is right around the corner and that means another holiday without your smiling face. They say it gets easier with time but I miss you more and more everyday, I would give anything just sit and talk to you one more time. I love and miss you so much dad.

Posted by Jennifer Deleon - Manchester, NH - daughter   April 19, 2019

Hey grandpa I miss you I've been keeping my promise I can't wait for you to see me graduate I love you so much and can't wait till net time we talk

Posted by Anthony Martinez - Manchester, NH - Grandchild   March 31, 2019


Hi Honey I just want to wish you a Happy 69 already.I miss you very much.Remember the saying on the necklace you gave me.I loved you then,I love you now,I still love you.I will always love you forever .Dont worry I'm doing okay but miss you very much.Well rest now and Romberg I love you.

Posted by Beverly Robinson - Man, NH - Spouse   March 28, 2019

Happy birthday to my hero in heaven . i love you so much grandpw

Posted by Destiney Salazar - Manchester, NH - Grandchild   March 24, 2019


I can't believe in 2 days it is going to be your birthday and this is the first time you are not here to celebrate your special day. I remember last year we threw you a surprise party and although you were not feeling good you still enjoyed your party like a trooper. We had a cookout today in your honor and sent birthday messages on balloons all the way to heaven for you, I hope you got them, I miss and love you so much daddy. I will hold you in my heart until we meet again because fathers and daughters never say goodbye.

Posted by Jennifer Deleon - Manchester, NH - Daughter   March 22, 2019


I can't believe today makes 4 months since you went away. It has been said times heals all wounds I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting it's sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens, but it is never gone. I miss you so much. I love you daddy, may you rest in paradise

Posted by Jennifer Deleon - Manchester, NH - Daughter   March 05, 2019

Hi Honey, It's only been 3 months but it feels like forever.I miss you very much more and more as time goes on ,Sometimes I like I don't want to be here without you but I know I have to be.I will be waiting until the time comes when I can be with you again.But until that day comes you will be in my thoughts and heart forever .you are the only one for me no one will take your place.I love you always. Love your wife

Posted by Beverly Robinson - Man, NH - Spouse   February 05, 2019


It's only been 2 months since you went away and it seems like eternity. I miss seeing your face and hearing your voice. Life is not the same without you, my heart will never be whole again. I miss you daddy and you will always be my hero. I love you

Posted by Jennifer Deleon - Manchester, NH - Daughter   January 09, 2019


Well it's the first christmas without you and it still dosen't feel real that you are not here. I miss you so much, I would give anything to talk to you one more time. I love you dad.

Posted by Jennifer Deleon - Manchester, NH - Daughter   December 24, 2018


Dear papa,
Im sorry i didn't write to you any sooner but i didn't wanna accept the fact that your gone forever. Sometimes i can still hear you and i think about all the jokes you have made. Today's has officially been a month since you passed away, Even though your not here anymore i know your looking down at all of us and watching closely. Its gonna be hard not seeing you on my birthday. If birthday wishes came true i would wish for you to be home, or at least wish i had more time to say goodbye and to tell you that i love you so very much but i know your happy now and not in pain anymore. I miss and love you so much papa, may you rest in peace

Posted by Marissa Deleon - Manchester, NH - Grandchild   December 05, 2018


Grandpa, i really miss you alot i hope your okay now i hope your not in pain anymore jose and i love you so much and we think & talk about you everyday. It still feels like a dream a really bad one.... In 4 days it will be a month without you. Jose still makes you artwork at school he says we can bring it to the sky inside the plane i told him i wish we could. Keep a eye out for the balloon we will be sending to heaven with all the artwork jose has been saving for papa.

Posted by Destiney Salazar - Manchester, NH - Grandchild   December 01, 2018

Honey I miss you very much.I wish you didn't leave me but I know you were suffering very much and you were worrying about me.Dont worry just Rest In Peace I'm okay.Im trying to be strong but it's hard because I miss you so much.You will always be in my heart.I love you and someday we will be together again.Remember I love you and always will.So Rest In Peace sweetheart. Your wife.

Posted by Beverly Robinson - Manchester, NH - Spouse   November 15, 2018


Hi daddy, I can't believe it's been a week since you left. I want you to know that everyone is doing ok, I was your rock through your cancer battle and now I'm being the family's rock to get them through this tough time. I miss talking to you every night @6:45, it's weird when I call and mom picks up. I hope you are finally at peace. I love you.

Posted by Jennifer Deleon - Manchester, NH - Daughter   November 12, 2018

With deepest sympathy may he rest in peace so sorry for your loss Beverly she was a great man

Posted by Linda Smith - Manchester, NH - Friend   November 09, 2018


R.I.P It all just feels like a dream like this really didnt happen. My hero is gone. I held your hand seconds after you took your last breath i prayed for you just to breath agian i prayed for this not to be true Idk how to live life without you it all feels so pointless now. You rasied me from just when i was weeks old youve always been there. I prayed and prayed for you not to go but you still left. I will never forget you and i will love you forever and ever. Your the strongest man i know. You put up the biggest fight and showed cancer you wasnt backing down. But now your home and the pain i feel is indescribable but your not in pain anymore. Joses little heart broke when i tolf him your in the sky now.He always looked forward to seeing papa and bringing you a flower or artwork he made at school.your done so much for myself and my children. Your like a father to me. Rest easy my sweet love. I'll see you soon hopefully. I love you so much!!! Your be greatly missed.

Posted by Destiney Salazar - Manchester, NH - Grandchild   November 08, 2018

Bev and family Jody and myself send our prayers and many thoughts to you all. He will always be remembered as a gentle soul. He love you all so much as much as you did him Bev. You will hold cherished memories of him in your heart. Just know that we all are thinking of you Bev . Peace and prayers. Dotty.

Posted by Dotty McDonald - coworker   November 07, 2018