Condolence & Memory Journal

Dear amitha,

Kedar and I were extremely saddened to hear of your loss. Kindly accept our heartfelt condolences. We are still in shock. It will take us a while to realize dear ajay's absence. We will always cherish the Happy times we shared when we used to meet during our initial adjustment days in boston. You are a brave and strong girl and we know you will be a pillar of courage and hope for little ones. Your family is always in our thoughts. Do come stay with us when in mumbai next. sonia kedar mumbai

Posted by Sonia Shirali - Mumbai - Friend   July 30, 2021

Dear Amitha, We are very sorry to hear about Ajay. Our deepest condolences. All of you will be in our thoughts and prayers.

Posted by Devendra & Shaifali Deshmukh - Libertyville, IL - Friend   June 06, 2021

Dear Amitha, Kriti, Neel, Uday, and all family & friends, how I wish I could have met you all on a happy occasion. You are a wonderful family and the support you all received during the memorial is a testimonial to the wonderful person Ajay is! I left wishing I had gotten to know him better, but I will always cherish our friendly, joking, and respectful discussions about the Celtics and 76ers basketball rivalry. May he rest in peace, but I believe you will feel his presence forever! Ajay was not one to simply rest or sit on the sidelines!

Posted by Bob Zampini - Stratham, NH - Coworker   June 02, 2021

Dear Amitha, Kriti, Neel, Uday,

Our deepest condolences to the family! May Ajay rest in peace and you get strength to overcome this difficult time. Ajay will always be remembered in our thoughts.

Manish, Khushbu and family.

Posted by MANISH SHROFF - MILFORD, MA - Family Friend   June 02, 2021

Uday, I'm so sorry to hear about your brother. I lost my youngest brother last year and will always miss him, as you will. My wife and I will keep you and your family in our prayers.

Posted by Gerry Jankauskas - Mendon, MA - Coworker   June 02, 2021

Dear Amitha, My deepest condolences to you and your family. So sorry for your loss. I am thinking of you during this difficult time.

Posted by Dawn Law - Sudbury, MA - Coworker   June 01, 2021

Dear Amitha and family, we are deeply saddened and heartbroken by the sudden departure of Ajay. No matter what I say can replace the loss.
Ajay and we were both in the same apartment building in Royal crest but we got to know him and you after you joined him. We were all couples with no kids and had a lot of fun playing basketball every evening. You both were very good at basketball - Ajay with the obvious advantage of height and you were very quick with the ball. He was a competitor and always wanted to win.
We had some more chance encounters after you moved to Westborough. And we always cherished those encounters with what little time we had during the encounter.
We sincerely pray to give you all the strength to deal with this loss.

Smitha, Karun, Tanav, and Arnav

Posted by Karun Chinthapatla - Westborough, MA - friend   June 01, 2021

Dear Amitha,
My deepest condolences to you and your family. The little time that I and Viswa has spent with your family when we visited your house, we will never forget those moments with Ajay. He is an awesome and great guy.

I pray to god to give you strength and ability to take Ajay's place and take care of the family and kids.

Subhashini, Viswa and family.

Posted by Subhashini Kodali - Westboro, MA - Friend   June 01, 2021

Dear Amitha and kids,

My heartfelt condolences! I'm deeply saddened by the news of his departure to the heavenly abode at this young age.
From my limited interaction with him at work, he was always kind and helpful. I still can't believe that he is no more with us.
My prayers are with you. May the Almighty give peace and strength to you to bear his loss!

Posted by Lalitha Ramprasad - Shrewsbury, MA - Coworker   June 01, 2021

Ajay was a dear friend- one who could cheer you up! His zest for life, genuine interest in conversations, his sense of humor and his dynamic personalty to connect instantly with anyone will be terribly missed!
Ajay, you were a fighter and we are so proud of you.
May God give Amitha, their kids and family immense strength!

Posted by Manoj Sonia - MA - Friend   June 01, 2021

From bliss all life emerge.
By bliss all beings are sustained.
Into bliss all Beings merge...

Ajay, thank you for the few moments of laughter and fun we shared... we will cherish those...
Enjoy the bliss....

Suchi(Kunu) and Abhi

Posted by Suchi & Abhi - Lexington, MA - Friend   June 01, 2021

Can't believe this, Ajoo my friend n brother .Am actually speechless. Heartfelt condolences to Uncle ,aunty ,Amitha n Uday

Posted by Parmeeta Desai - Pune - Family Friend   June 01, 2021

Dear Amitha,

Sending condolences to you and your family. I am thinking of you during this challenging time. With Sympathy,

Posted by Diana Zais - Needham, MA - Coworker   June 01, 2021


My deepest condolences to you and your and Ajay's family. I was incredibly shocked and saddened to hear this news.

I very much enjoyed working with Ajay, and experiencing his intelligence, incite and inquisitive mind in action. We had fun at work and in volleyball as well as conversations at lunch and I will miss that time.

Strong, positive thoughts to you and your family!

Chris Turner

Posted by Chris Turner - South Boston, MA - Coworker   June 01, 2021

Ajay, you have been one of my closest friends, my brother. I really miss you. Very sad for you to leave us. I fondly remember our time together since college. Your smile and witty remarks will be missed. But beyond everything else you were always the anchor in our friendship. Everyone who has met you, has been touched by you love and kindness. You will forever be missed for this. Dhaval Dave

Posted by Dhaval Dave - Friend   June 01, 2021

From Abhaya, Dillip, Jabin, Janaki, Kurien, Sudhir, Kathiravan, Uma, Vaithi (MIR, Pondicherry University, 1998-2000)

Dear Amitha,
We haven't spoken in a long time and none of us ever had the pleasure of meeting Ajay. In our minds, we cannot conceive of an image of you as anything but cheerful and smiling, as being always gently encouraging and willing to get into anything that everyone else was up for. From all that we have heard of Ajay, he was just like that, too. Which is why, in this past year of tragedy and great sadness, Ajay's loss hits us particularly hard. Even though we didn't know him we still feel it keenly. Amitha, words are not enough but what we know and what we will now remember is always of Ajay smiling and he'd want this of you, too, we are sure to be smiling and willing always to lead and get into anything that your friends are planning. And friends, you will always have with you.

Posted by Jabin Jacob - New Delhi - Friend   June 01, 2021

You remind me of abundance energy and joy. You used to light up the work place with your jokes and witty comments, and make things easy going around you. When I look back, that period was amazing and I truly miss them.

Om Shanti.

Posted by Nandan Pai - Mumbai - Coworker   June 01, 2021

Tip me over . The year was 2009. I was in a swimming pool with my daughter Aadyah for a swim lesson. And there was this tall, handsome dude in the pool, holding his tiny baby daughter in his arms, walking through the swim lesson doing the hokey-pokey dance. That was the first image of Ajay which always stayed with me. We would meet on and off thereafter, until, thanks to Kriti and Aadyah, we started to meet Ajay & Amitha more often. But that first image that we had of Ajay, never changed over the years. Ajay was always this super loving and highly involved dad with kid like excitement. He was always curious at times to the extent that would drive people around him crazy. And he would have fun doing so and teasing people that showed in the twinkle in his eyes. Ajay had the ability to change any topic, any situation into a light moment and make people laugh. We have so so many happy memories with Ajay be it biking, hiking, picnics, fall festivals, beach visits, gymnastics, swimming, board games, camping, birthdays and so many more. All that will stay with us, and we will cherish every moment spent with you, Ajay. I would tease Ajay on his height and ask him how the world looked like from up there. And now knowing that he is up there somewhere and watching us I would still ask him how does the world look like from up there?. We love you Ajay, always, and we know that Amitha, Kriti, Neel and everyone in your family will make you proud!

Posted by Ronita & Ajay - Lexington, MA - Family Friend   May 31, 2021

So what if life measured small,
Like you, your spirits always stood tall,
Donning a wide mischievous smile,
Oh! your million questions even in a tiny while..
Showering around plenty of cheer,
Pulling our legs like a friend so dear...
May be you knew times were short,
you made the best to catch up on a lot...
The love and goodness you leave behind,
Building some eternal memories on our mind...
You'll live in our hearts forever we know,
It won't be the same fun without you though...
Unconquered were Ajay your name,
You didn't lose, this just wasn't a fair game...

Hugs and loads of love to you and yours, you'll be missed a lot!!

Posted by Ronita & Ajay - Lexington, MA - Family Friend   May 31, 2021

Ajay was a true friend who cared and valued everyone. May God give the family and all of us strength to bear his loss. - Bijal and Tejal

Posted by Bijal Doshi - Shrewsbury, MA - Family Friend   May 31, 2021

You are all in my thoughts and prayers at this most difficult time. May the memories never fade and bring you the joy that was in his heart. Sincerely, Joan Follett

Posted by Joan Follett - MARLBOROUGH, MA - Teacher   May 31, 2021

Its more than 15 years, that I had last spoken to Ajay, but its impossible to forget his always smiling face and his constant chatter. He had the rare quality of connecting with people instantly.
Dear Amita, May god give you the strength in this difficult time.
Om Shanti

Posted by Vivek Lotlikar - Mumbai - Coworker   May 31, 2021

Ajay was my collegemate, colleague and above all a very good friend. I have very good memories with him. He used to make us laugh in class. In college, he used to keep his mom's photo in wallet and tells us that she is his most beautiful girlfriend. It is difficult to believe that his soul has departed to heavenly abode.
May God give peace to his soul and strength to family !

Posted by Nimisha Valecha - Gurugram - Friend   May 31, 2021

Ajay was a very joyful person. He derived joy from making others happy and joyful. Such a wonderful soul. I'll cherish the memories of Friday evenings, playing UNO with him and other friends in Marlborough, MA.
May God bless him and his Soul rest in peace. I pray to God to give strength to family to withstand the loss. I'll always miss him. Om Shanti !

Posted by Narender Valecha - Gurgaon - Friend   May 31, 2021

Ajay was very cheerful & joyous person.
He will be remembered with love by his friends & family.
May God give peace to the departed soul & strength to his family!

Posted by Prasad Khedekar - Mumbai - Coworker   May 31, 2021

Dear Amita
Those we hold closest to our hearts never truly leave us.
They live on in the kindness they have shared and the love they brought into our lives. Memories of a beloved one never fade away.,
My heart goes out to you in your time of sorrow. Our prayers are always with you.
With deepest sympathy.

Posted by Sumathi Heranjal - Gurgaon - Family   May 31, 2021

Ajay was a wonderful friend and colleague. I have fond memories of his creativity, helpfulness and his ability to make us laugh. May God comfort Amitha and the family during this difficult time.

Posted by William Rapose - Round Rock, TX - Coworker   May 30, 2021

Dear Amitha, We are saddened by the loss of Ajay and send you our heartfelt condolences. Ajay was a delightful person, and I remember fondly how he welcomed us into your home with great generosity. He will be missed.

Posted by Connie Johnson - Concord, MA - Friend   May 30, 2021

Pray GOD to give strength to all his family and friends to cope this loss. Om sadgathi

Posted by SRIDEVI NOOKALA - Acton, MA - Coworker   May 30, 2021

Ajay was my school friend although we didn't connect much after school days we chose different paths ,however he will always be in our hearts may his soul rest in peace .

Posted by Bhairav Panchal - Mumbai - Classmate   May 30, 2021

Dear Amitha
Sincere condolences to you and children on your loss. Mythri and I are shocked to learn that Ajay is no more.

We met Ajay and you several times at Royal Crest, Marlborough - among a common group of Telica employeess (veeresh/lakshmi, sridhar) and Girish C. When I think of Ajay, the pic attached is what comes to my mind - a smiling, happy go lucky guy who had the ability to tower over daily struggles that fellow NRIs at that time faced. He was indeed cheerful and funny. Rightly put, the life of the party - not to mention the sight at the party - his tall lanky frame ensured he was seen from all corners of the room. You made a great pair - he was the one with the funny bone and i could read his face when he was about to crack up (almost with childish glee) and you were the serious/reserved one. I remember, You were the enterprising ones of the lot to buy a home and move south to grafton back then.

Our jobs pulled us apart, soon we were out of touch. But, Ajay and you always remained in our memories. Every now and then we would hear a tidbit about you and we felt happy for u and ajay.

May god give you the strength to get through this phase and the courage to face a life without him.

-kiran & my3

Posted by KIRAN CHANDRASHEKAR - bengaluru, MA - Friend   May 30, 2021

Our deepest condolences to you and your family. Amitha, Kriti and Neel, you are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. - Usha & family.

Posted by Usha Kamat - Coworker   May 29, 2021

Ajay, you are really a joyous fellow to be around. We worked together for many years at Telica and we share our son's birthdays and had so many parties. We dearly miss you. Amitha, May god give you strength and wisdom to take care of family. Rest In Peace Ajay.

Posted by Sreenu Pamidi - Chattanooga, TN, TN - Coworker   May 29, 2021